Career Monitoring For School Kids

“Very recently, a child in a town told me that he will like to pursue an online course in Animation. I was shocked because he did his schooling from the best school in that Northern Indian State. Primarily, because of lack of knowledge, awareness and access – both to the child and the family.”

India is a vast country with varying literacy rate across geographies. There are parents who want their wards to be educated well, but they don’t have resources. Resources like knowledge, access and time. My experience of 40 years in the field of education has convinced me that most of the children and parents need some hand holding and assistance. And most of the agencies or individuals have defined a boundary line to limit their services and assistance.

Prof. Singla quotes, “A very dear friend visited me recently. When I told him that I would like to make a difference to the society through education of wards all over the country, his first question was - what is your value proposition? How will the parents or the wards benefit from interacting with you? Valid question. That set me thinking."

Value proposition is:

  • Discussing the interest area of the child and the parent
  • Developing alternative choices for the ward.
  • Preparing a road map for pursuing the top preferences for the ward.
  • Hand holding all through the process.
  • Staying connected with the ward and parent for the period of association.
  • Working out a road map for further education of the ward.
  • Creating a long-term relationship with the ward thru “Guru-Kul” philosophy.
Parents/Guardians who wish to get guidance for their ward, may please write to: