FMS Edge

MBA Curriculum in most of the top B-Schools in the country is constrained by a pre-determined mindset and rigid limitations. As a result, potential employers are unable to find the required skill set in specific areas of concern among aspirants. Therefore, the recruiters treat MBAs from all institutes at par. Now, we propose to be a First Mover in providing a well-designed modular input to willing FMS students in areas that go beyond the run-of-the-mill courses. It is proposed to design and deliver Short-Term Modules of 20-25 hours each for FMS students of MBA(FT)-II. The modules will be designed keeping in mind the industry requirements and will be aimed at providing an EDGE to the FMS students.

Who will facilitate:

The facilitators will be vastly experienced professionals with an outstanding passion for the subject. In reality, only those individuals, who believe in the concept, will be invited to deliver the modules.

Who can attend:

FMS students of MBA(FT)-II can enroll themselves for the modules free of charge. No more than 30 students will be enrolled for any module. No student would be allowed to enrol in more than one module simultaneously. Once enrolled, the student will not be permitted to miss any of the sessions for the module in which they are enrolled. At the end of the successful completion of the module, a certificate will be issued to the participating student which they may include in the CV for future placements.

Module Objectives:

The modules are designed with specific aims to:

  • Familiarize the students with unconventional areas having direct bearing on Management Practice
  • Helping the students develop better well-rounded personalities

Programme Delivery:

  • Each module will be of 20-25 hours long
  • The classes will be held on the weekends
  • Participants will be expected to be formally dressed in the module
  • No participant will be allowed to miss any session of the module in which they are enrolled for

Proposed Modules:

The following modules have been conducted in the past

  • Rural Marketing and Social Businesses
  • Enhancing Workplace Effectiveness
  • Consulting Landscape
  • Retail Banking
Senior Alumni/Executives who wish to be facilitators may please write to: