Consulting Services For SME Organizations

The founder of Dubai was asked about the future of his country. He replied, “My father rode a camel, I drove a Mercedes, my son drives a Land Rover, but my grandson has to ride a camel again.” Why? Hard times create strong people, strong people create easy times. Easy times create weak people, weak people create hard times. That seems to be the story of India's SME sector too.

SME sector in India is mostly first generation initiative and challenges faced by such organizations are entirely different from the larger organizations. These are always on the lookout for opportunities for sustenance, growth and managing succession. Big consulting firms are not able to make an entry into such businesses primarily because of their big-business-perspective, cost structure, growth priorities and sparse consulting resources. Also, the SME promoters take time to develop mutual trust to let into their protected business practices. As a result, SME organizations continue performing at their sub-normal levels very frequently resulting in burnout of the first generation promoters and future generations either not getting ready to effectively take over or not showing interest in the family businesses.

Prof. Singla’s experience of 40 years of being from a business family background fully aware of social values and norms with education in engineering and management convinces him that little handholding can help many families not only manage but also grow their businesses. Grooming the successors is a major challenge and a good work life balance is re-creative for such first generation promoters.

Prof. Singla shares his experience,"A very dear friend contacted me recently for an extended family. He asked me if I can assist a businessman who is facing challenges in his growing business. Some of the issues that the friend listed were time management, work-life balance, succession grooming, managing growth and corporate governance. Very common issues. But these issues chain the family businesses to a pillar of no future growth and sometime deterioration."

Value proposition is:

  • Understanding the business
  • Development of Control Dashboard for Management of the firm.
  • Helping the promoter in understanding regulatory compliances & devising the timelines to fulfil.
  • Helping the promoter develop good work practices for a better work-life-balance.
  • Developing business processes for futuristic growth.
  • Helping the management develop MIS dashboards and information controls.
  • Assisting in grooming the next line of succession with appropriate education and training.
  • Training the key functionaries of the business.
  • Hand holding all through the process.
  • Creating a long-term relationship with the intention of “Ethical Business Practices
Promoters/Businesspersons who wish to on-board, may please write to: