India Reuse

In India, there are vast gaps between the haves and have-nots. Those who are well-off in society have lots of equipment, appliances, furniture, clothing, etc. which are not in use and there are many families who are in desperate need of such objects but can not afford to purchase them. As a result of this, those who have ‘surplus’ items have to forcefully live with these and those who are ‘deficient’ have no way but to live in deficiency. This initiative of “India Reuse” is to bridge this gap in the society. The model is to procure the ‘surplus’ items from those families who wish to contribute to the society and pass it on to the families who can put these items to a better use.

How does it work:

  • Team contact families/individuals who have surplus items which are serviceable and functional and they don’t want to use these.
  • Once they decide to contribute these items, Team obtains these items from them and get these maintained and cleaned.
  • Once these items are operational and functional, Team offers these to the needy families/individuals against a copy of their Aadhar Card.
  • No individual will be given more than one item in a year against one Aadhar Card in one calendar year.
  • Items which are not in functional condition or are not hygienic shall not be acceptable or will be passed on in the form of trash.
Families/Members who wish to contribute to the drive, may please write to: