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MBA Curriculum in most of the top B-Schools in the country is more focused on classroom teaching and academic input. As a result, the curriculum is able to provide a good theoretical grounding but lacks practical exposure for the students. Students do not get an opportunity to soil their hands on real-life practical problems of the corporate world. On the other hand, the corporate world has real life problems, but do not get such resources with time available at their disposal and having an appetite to learn more about the corporate issues. It is in this direction that an effort is being made to connect the students of MBA(FT) of FMS with the corporate sector having a short-term live project with a specific problem and expected deliverables. This will provide a platform to the students to try their hands with tools and techniques they are learning on a real life problem, and to the organizations to have an access to the brilliant minds who will be able to propose a solution to the problem. Such projects will be designed keeping in mind the industry requirements and will be aimed at providing a LIVE experience to the students.

Who will execute:

The willing students of FMS MBA(FT) programme will be eligible to take up such projects. The selection of such students will be jointly handled by the FMS Faculty(FMS-SPOC) and the representative of the Company sponsoring the Live Project(ORG-SPOC).

Who can offer:

Any organization that has a specific task and needs only short-term assistance from current students of FMS MBA(FT) can sponsor a Live Project. A FMS-SPOC will be assigned to act as the nodal agency for connecting the students with the sponsoring organization thru an ORG-SPOC.

Project Delivery:

  • Each Project will be held over 6-10 weeks with specified deliverables.
  • No student will be allowed to take more than one Live Project simultaneously
  • No project will be undertaken by the student at the cost of primary requirements of the MBA Programme (including MSA/Placement activities)
  • Once assigned, no student will be permitted to drop any Live Project. Any student not able to complete the project will have to mention the same in the CV for Placements.
  • On successful closure of the project to the satisfaction of the sponsoring organization, i.e. FMS-SPOC and ORG-SPOC, a certificate will be issued to the concerned student which will be permitted to be included in the CV for placements.

Financial Obligations:

The sponsoring organization would be expected to bear a total cost of Rs. 60,000 (Rupees Sixty Thousand only) for a Live Project to be spent in the following manner:

  • An out-of-pocket reimbursement of Rs. 40,000 for the Project Duration to be paid to the student for a period not more than 2 calendar months.
  • An administrative contribution of Rs. 20,000 per project to the FMSAA, out of which Rs. 10,000 will be paid to the Management Science Association for students amenities/FMS upkeep. There will be no compensation to the SPOC.
  • Any out-station travel of executives of the sponsoring organization/students/faculty will be borne by the sponsoring organization directly.
Senior Alumni/Executives who wish to offer the LIVE Projects may please write to: